About Us

Webster Innovations, LLC is a family owned and operated business in Scottsdale, AZ; a suburb of Phoenix.

My wife Allison and I are veteran Police Officers in Phoenix, AZ and go through the trials and tribulations of every day equipment use and confrontations like every officer that patrols a beat.

This company came about after I had a confrontation with a subject with a knife. During a struggle with the suicidal subject, my portable microphone became unclipped from my uniform and lodged between me and the subject. Luckily, my partner and an air unit were close behind and able to communicate with dispatch. Afterward, I thought; what if my partner had not been there? What if the air unit hadn’t known where I was? The scenario could have played out much differently.

Necessity being the mother of invention, the Tactical Mic Klip was born. The TMK is now in uniform shops all over the world and it continues grow in popularity with more uniform shops and police departments requesting the TMK on a nearly daily basis.

Since that time, two new products have been added to the fold. The Tactical Electronic Klip and the Tactical Pocket Klipboard.

The TEK was originally invented to help the plain clothes officer and non-uniformed personnel carry a portable radio without having to put it in their pocket or directly clipping it to their belt or clothing. However, during testing, the TEK proved to be a valuable asset to patrol as well. The TEK takes up a fraction of the space that a radio holster does, the user doesn’t have to turn their radio upside down to remove and it replace it on the utility belt and, the keypad and speaker are no longer covered.

The Tactical Pocket Klipboard or TPK was invented by fellow Police Officer and friend, Dan Woods. He recognized the need for not only a consistently stable writing surface for officers but also, a way to hold a subjects identification that would be safer and more convenient for the user. The patent pending pressure clip around the entire edge of the TPK can hold multiple i.d.’s at one time! This allows the user to be able to direct their attention to the subject/s they are addressing all while utilizing a clean stable writing surface that fits in the palm of your hand.

Webster Innovations is constantly growing and changing. We are always thinking of innovative ways to make police officers lives easier, safer and more convenient on the street.

Thank you and Be Safe!

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